Astrology readings are like therapy sessions.

Written by Cindy N.
Astrology readings with Roberta to me are like therapy sessions. I continue to recognize more about myself and am encouraged to make the changes for me. There are many people that we meet and share our love all at different times in our lives. Making decisions, goals, relationships, career, etc.


To me, this is where I feel Roberta not only guides you, but also describes the possibilities you are traveling gaining a better perspective. Her energy and guidance is wonderful.


I was so nervous...

Written by Kathy
Although my first time ever getting a reading, I was so nervous, but you made me relax. Thank you for your amazing insight and you "knowing". I look forward to more readings from you Roberta!

... hit the nail on the head...

Written by Dave.
Wow... I am very impressed about how right on you are about me... with what little information I gave you!  I did... and still do play some sports. Something else you are right about... I am learning patience. I have always wanted everything to happen right now... change overnight... fix everything immediately. You have pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to the way I operate. That is amazing, Roberta.

... guidance helped me tremendously

Written by Carlyn
You knew things that no one ever knew about my life and me. Your guidance helped me tremendously


Roberta is not just any astrologer

Written by Annamarie F. R.
Roberta is not just any astrologer - Roberta, through the work that she passionately loves, which is hard for her to refer to it as work, is a vessel that is filled with compassion, understanding, love and immense empathy for those she prepares astrology readings for.  Through Roberta’s keen intuitiveness, combined with her intense heart and soul gifts, is able to give her clients much, much more that just “a reading” Her clients receive valuable information of the “why’s” and “how’s” of their personality, wonderful and very helpful suggestions on how to grow into their fullest potential. Roberta is truly an inspiration and a gem…much brighter than a diamond in spirit, much richer, and deeper in intuition than the darkest color of a ruby.  You will, after your first reading want to return….that is the comfort she creates when you find yourself in her presence!

Thank you...

Thank you for always offering your Starry-eyed advice. It is and you continue to amaze me.

Thank you for such incredible guidance

Written by Jim K.
How you relaxed me the very first time getting a reading with you, as I felt I have known you forever. The things you know and knew from the past to the present. Thank you for such incredible guidance.

You continue to inspire me...

Written by Larry H.
You continue to inspire me and yet, you “know” things that no one else does and certainly do not know how you do it.

... you always nail it...

Written by Margaret O.
Through the many years with you Roberta, whatever this Astrology is and how it works is way beyond me, but you always nail it year after year. You are worth every dollar!