A personal reading or interpretation by Roberta

Roberta can personalize your specific information by casting a natal chart and provide you with endless information. All that is needed for an Astrological chart is your birth time, place, and location (town,city,or country).

With that information many different types of charts are casted to see exactly what is happening, either it be moving, a new job, a relationship or business.

A personal reading or interpretation by Roberta offers insight into your character and personality and help guide you towards your goals with added confirmation.

Each of the twelve Sun Signs possesses individual characteristics and personalities. All of us have a positive side and that shadow side.

Prices for Personal Interpretations

Cost: $195 per 75-minute session. Cash, Check, Visa accepted.

I am committed to sevicing you with quality and accurate knowledge and dedicated to making this a fulfilling experience. You can visit testimonials and read quotes from clients in my years of business. If you would like a reference, please feel free to contact me.

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Disclaimer is not for entertainment only. We believe that observing your personal cycles can assist you to see patterns and make better decisions in your daily/weekly/monthly life.

However, is not responsible for how you apply this information. Please use common sense.