Roberta is a full-time astrological intuitive living in NE Wisconsin. She offers readings, lectures and classes where she currently offices and her work of 20 plus years.

Through her counsel, Roberta’s clients gain insight into their needs, drives, and motivations. Like her clients, Roberta has experienced consciousness using astrological applications. She says, “Astrology has helped me know myself on a deeper level, as well as understand others better.”

Roberta’s positive approach, infectious personality, and dynamic presence serve as a vessel of inspiration for those who have worked with her to unlock their potential of advancing the mind, body, and spirit.

Along with her expertise in astrology, Roberta brings to clients her gift of being a highly developed intuitive–a profound sense of “knowing” that weaves naturally through her work. While she feels fortunate to possess such a gift, she believes that all people are born with special gifts–which she calls “tools”–and that they continue to use these tools throughout their lives, giving them choices, revealing why they feel the way they do, resulting in growth.

Roberta portrays an essential set of gifts enabling her to present you with a touching story, astrological insight, and intuitive advice–in a thoughtful, professional, matter-of-fact manner.

My Stories

Here are just a few of my stories that I share with you. All are true and happened exactly as I have written them. There are many more stories to share with you, so many that it could become a book of "short stories". I am currently writing more of my happenings and experiences. My mother was one of my greatest teachers and an inspiration in my life. She supported my Astrology from the day I began 20 some years ago. She was curious and always wanting to hear more about her chart and what it meant and what it said and what it all means. I can see her beautiful smile to this day. For years, my mother would ask me to tell her stories (over and over again). Even more because of her, I pass these on to you. I hope you enjoy.

What is our Spiritual Purpose?

Recently for some months now, people, friends and clients continue to search more than ever, want to unfold, discover, enhance and honor their spiritual essence. This is not only exciting to hear people desire more from their being, but further, take it to the next level.

As I have mentioned in my bio, the usage of our tools, some we use day in and day out, others are yet to discover.

Our physical side - the moment we take that first breath. As adults, we tend to take advantage, abuse and may limit our worth.  For instance seeing, tasting, hearing, touching, and feeling.  We mentally have repeated daily conversations either in our heads - causing us a headache or to fulfill our ambitions, direction and accomplishments. Some of us are better at working under pressure points, diving right in, while others wait for the moment to move into action.

So what and how do we discover our Spiritual side? To begin with, it is already present.

Remember the moments when you looked up in the night sky viewing the Full Moon beaming in all of its glory, or gazing at the constellations?

In that moment something happened, it was an “Awe” or “Wow” feeling within us.  Marveling in the mastering of what makes this world …our world. The impression and our senses are ripe and alert at that very exact second.

Take time to be thankful and to honor ourselves in our entire being. The possibilities of what you want to do say, master and desire equals a special spiritual unity within each and every one of us.

Set good and realistic intentions. Avoid the hype and commercial side if you have in the past. Promise yourself to do it different, improve for you and participate.

Become more conscious of self.  Smile; be gentle, nurturing, and thoughtful. Write down realistic priorities why you want to grant your spirit. More important, be present and in the moment.

Thank your Divine Guidance, God, and all those who help, support and love you in this life.

Be in the moment, experience and live life. Continue to unfold life’s journey and embrace the magic. More importantly, be grateful for all you have.

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Talking to the Spirits

Ever since my youth, I have experienced “happenings” and observations in my life with the spirit world and energy atmosphere around. Never did I think what I was about to discover would come to my awakening literally and figuratively this summer while traveling. My story begins traveling along with my close friend, Cindy while staying at prehistoric Bed and Breakfast guest home. We arrive at this enormous and glorious old home structure late in the evening hours. I eagerly get excited with places like this, but little did I know I was about to discover something both astounding and unforeseen to say the least.

Cindy and I were chauffeured by the owner up the tall flight of stairs taking in the antiques, chandeliers and sculptured railings in the old world of the 1900’s. We only had two rooms to choose. The three of us entered into the first room, I stood there to “feel” the energy and to hear if they had anything to say. Moreover, they certainly did have something to say. “Out!” were there exact words to me. Not in an ugly manner from the spirit world, but they obviously wanted their space. I passed this on to my friend and owner that I would prefer not to retire in this room. Cindy certainly knows of past many years of happenings of mine, so this little double Aries was open to whatever the outcome. Therefore, off we sauntered to the next room. Now I am thinking by this time, this next room better work or else we would be sleeping out on the lawn for the night.

As the three of us entered this next and only room, it immediately felt peaceful and perfect. Cindy and I soon retired to our beds and talked like most women do, which is until pure and pleasant exhaustion as we both obviously dosed off probably in the middle of our sentences.

Being fast and hard asleep, I was soon awakened by noise in the hallway upstairs, thinking the other guests were up. The sound of voices laughter, chatting, glasses clinking and smell of tobacco filled the air. At this point, I rolled over hoping they would tone their voices down as I fell back asleep.

Not sure, at how much time had passed, but once again assuming the guests were up having fun and making noise. By now, I am getting a little irritated as my sleep was being interrupted is not a good thing. Being a Taurus, sleep is one of our priorities and needing more sleep than most.

That is when I decided to get up and check out all this commotion in the hallway. As I sat up in bed, the Moon was glowing in our room to give it just enough light to catch my vision. The vision was one I will keep in my mind forever to come. I looked up and saw about 30 spirits, mostly women and a couple of men, dressed to the nines in 1920 apparel! The women were wearing long dresses, bustles, hats, and gloves. The men, only two of them were dressed in tuxedos 1920 style. It was absolutely amazing! They were so present all standing in our room doing the party thing and having a good ole time. At this time, I rubbed my eyes and tried desperately to wake, even more, thinking “Is this dream or was this real?” Realizing… this is as real as it gets! I couldn’t help but smile at them and just take this unbelievable scene all in. At that moment calling out to my friend Cindy who was fast asleep during all this, I screamed out, saying, “Cindy, are you awake?” She says, “I am now.” As tell her what I just saw and she says, “Okay, that’s great” and falls back to sleep like she never really wakened in the first place.

Seconds felt like countless minutes passed by and I seemed to be forever starring, I decided to lie down as I was perfectly comfortable in what I had just witnessed, and weirdly enough, went back to sleep. Fast asleep once again, but not for long and yet another incident woke me up! No surprise, it was the Spirits once again doing the party thing and they were just as clear as my last awakening. I then realized that I had to take some action in order to get some rest, so I asked them to take the party out of my room and somewhere else. Amazingly, it worked like a charm, all was clear and quiet.

I shared my experience with the owners the next morning as they hung on every word. They told me the room we stayed in back then in the 1920’s was the sewing room where women traditionally gathered in gossip, smoking and telling stories. As Cindy and I drove away the next morning fully hoping for a return to the B& B next year to once again experience the spirits and see just what else they are up to.


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A Ute Indian with a Tender Spirit

Recently, I visited a small mountain town Westcliffe, Colorado at a friend’s ranch, to “check” the house on the ranch for frequent spirit visitors. However, little did I know that I would meet more company than expected outside over looking the valley.

My friend Jan and Chris were excited to share all the happenings in their homes, so I began with my sea salts and sages. After thorough blessings, once again and instructed to do more of the salts, and sageing process, and in addition to go outside and water! This was a time of a severe drought, as nature was looking very depressed and dehydrated to say the least. Therefore, listening as my guides asked me to water all around the houses another time. Looking quite stunned and confused, I followed their directions.

We then obtained the garden hose and from a clockwise (instructed) position, Iightly watered on top of the salt one more time completely around the house. After the watering process, I decided to stand and soak up the beauty of the Colorado valley, even though it was dry as a bone. At that time, I closed my eyes without any forethought, and that is when certain visitors presented themselves to me.

There stood, a strong bare chested Ute Chief Indian, short in stature with a beautiful headpiece of filtered grays and whites. What stood out in this male Ute Indians headpiece were the bright spots of colors on the headpiece, ranging from white, orange, red and yellow painted dots all over the feathers.

Looking beyond after noticing this, as this Ute Indian presence what more than overwhelming for me. Those of us who have encountered the spirit world know all too well at times we are not always ready for what is about to happen, nor be prepared for the message.

The Ute Indian was overwhelmed with grief and emotion, sobbing uncontrollably. He told me how he lost his whole tribe from an ambush attack.

I told him that they are all okay (as this flies out of my mouth) and it is now time that he has always had permission to leave and now go on with the brighter and happier side of the spirit world.

After the Ute Chief Indian left, I was still standing there with my eyes closed, opening them slowly, I realize my body was full of emotion, as I was not prepared for this to happen. As I turned around, I saw my friends, Jan and Chris looking at me in wonderment of what just happened as they witnessed it on my face.

Since that time, the ranch peacefully reigns although a spirits from time to time come to visit. However, they are ones that do not intend to leave as they feel they still own the place or truly like their owners.

The next morning we woke up to yet another hot, dry, and sunny day ready to take a walk. As I was tying my shoes sitting outside on the porch, I noticed something so very odd, rather shocking as I looked over near the area where I watered around the circumference of the house.

It was still as wet as it was from the day before!

Spirits move in their own special ways, however, in a drought as dreadful as the Colorado was having, it was something to see as my friends gazed with amazement.

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Living in the moment

My spirit and heart stamped with love and truth are to be the only thing that matters during a visit with my family a few years back.  However, before this magical moment appeared, many events were in the making to happen.


My mother fell in June and broke her leg. In the process of recovering from hospital to rehab/nursing home, it was clear that her spirit and questioning what life had to offer anymore, was apparent at the age of 80. Therefore, as her daughter who was willing to offer care and love, it was not only obvious, but also clear that she needed to be at her summer home to soak up the sweet smells that were left.


Dropping my work and taking my friend Bruno (Lab) and my husband across country covering six states, we soon realized what a “real road” trip meant.


After 3 days of stopping by roadside rest stops, quick re-fuels, shaky road side food, and not so special hotels, we were glad to park in the place that landed us in paradise to take care of Mom of which has been our family summer home for years.


Greeted by brothers and their families, I soon realized that I was embarking on many things to take care of, besides Mom…


As the family and my husband departed, it was time to get Mom just sitting outside to watch breathtaking sunsets and going for rides in the car.


After one week, of not working and I was beginning to have an anxiety attack, and desperately tried to find a computer to collect emails and check up on work.  Soon finding that not much existed in this tiny populated  town of 3000.  Oh, computers did and do exist, not conveniently at my disposal.

The next day added yet another dimension; for some reason my mom’s telephones were failing as well. Pay phones (yes, some do still exist) became my next friend, as my cell phone signal was more than dead.


Of course, this only added to my stress needing so many minutes to make contact with my world of work.


That is when my father’s voice came through. Since his death 9 years ago, seems like yesterday, he said, “Surrender, Roberta.”  That was all I could hear.


Sure, this sounded simple at first as I drew a breath, and took it in for the next 24 hours.  Soon I was back at struggling for contact with the world.


Again, I heard his voice, “Surrender, Roberta.”


By now, it has been days into my month long stay and I had strong, solid moments of surrendering.  Mom was smiling, eating well, and feeling better. She was being visited daily by many of her friends and encouraged. 

Nevertheless, I still was not satisfied with just how technology was failing me.  There had to be a way! One day, someone told me there were computers (cable accessed) at a restaurant just on the way outside of this remote tiny town. So off I went, and sure enough I spotted two PC’s, at the counter with no one around!  As they said, “These are free to our customers, go ahead and use them.”  I was stunned, excited and off I rushed tripping as I sat down at the counter. They had everything on them to get to the rest of my world!


Excited as I typed in my password to log on, I, for some reason could not find my messages from my home office.  Thinking this would be a simple task quickly turned into a nightmare of days ahead. In addition, considering myself pretty user friendly with computers, I soon felt like an idiot. Again, I heard my Dads’ voice, saying, “Surrender, Roberta.” This being the third time feeling his presence and hearing his voice, I felt this calm come over me.  Not able to explain, but just went with it.


Now, that may sound easy for any of you, but for me, who pretty organized, consider myself a little over analyzed worker, and list maker, this was soon becoming a monumental moment of truth!


So, what or why did I have this urgency to make contact with all my clients and friends?  Did I feel they would not understand that taking care of Mom would be misunderstood?  How stupid for even thinking it!


By then, it was apparent that I needed to really chill, unwind and enjoy the clean air, clean lakes and beauty and nature that surrounded me. Watching Bruno engage in the lake, morning, noon and night, he was obviously having no problem.  He was a happy dog. Mom was happy and getting better, and I was cleaning, cooking and caring for every care and ache.  Except mine.


Then it hit me…the silence, the terribly simple and beautiful way of life as this small town turned its lights out at night, and greeted the morning with ducks and geese talking, acorns falling from the trees, and the sweet and innocent moment of it all.


I stood there aware, very clear, and soaked every second in. It was breathtaking!  Not just the nature, but what “The moment” and its affect it had on me. We all have read about the moment, being in the present, and the power of now.  However, none of it really happened to me until I felt it go through my body, my mind and my spirit. 

What a gift! It has opened me up to many things. Numerous as they are, one can forget what it all was, that just gets us tightly wound up from day to day living and achieving, running around in circles, doing errands, paying the bills, house tasks, and the rest of it all!


So what did this “Being in the moment” do for me? Many things, but first my fathers voice saying to me “Surrender, Roberta” was key. Yes the word, surrender was intimating when he first said it. My mind reacted, as “surrender what?” At first, I did not want to lose that ability to analyze (Virgo Rising) and discriminate.  As I feel (my Pisces Moon), the gift of thought is a powerful and precious thing.


We have all heard the expression thinking “outside the box”, which is completely and totally contrary to my experience.


The closer view, sacred for me - was “being inside myself.”

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